What’s your
most pressing priority?

An organisation-wide transformation to accelerate performance?

A 30% uplift in sales?

Being the “obvious choice” in a competitive pitch?

A significant reduction in recruitment costs and an ability to find (and retain) the best staff?

A larger share of voice with your marketing AND a reduction in cost?

Increased agility and collaborative working?


for Business

We believe that social media has a role to play in almost every business function where conversations need to happen and to this end we have developed a series of transformation products (and are continually developing more) to tackle challenges in each major business department.

Rather like a Venn diagram, there is often overlap between these programmes for example, encouraging sales staff to write blogs is part of our social selling programme, but it is also part of our employee advocacy module (which sits within our Social HR programme). But an organisation-wide transformation will leverage an enormous benefit for any organisation.

As an example of what this means…

This illustrates the way that people consume corporate content as opposed to consuming content from individuals.

All programmes help organisations understand how to empower their workforce, manage risk, and leverage the huge opportunity presented by social networks that now dominate communications and media channels.