Much of marketing’s involvement in social media has traditionally been pay-per-click advertising on social networks. In our belief though, this in not social…this is advertising. “Being social” is leveraging earned media rather than paid (or owned) media by empowering individuals inside and outside the organisation to engage in discourse and therefore spread the organisation’s message at scale.

We always like to think that we are our own best case study as we both test everything we do on ourselves before we offer it to our clients and we adopt our own processes 100%. The results speak for themselves - despite the fact that for “social selling” our competitors’ staff outnumber our staff my 37:1 we invariably have over a 50% share of social voice (as analysed by Brandwatch). Most organisations pay huge sums to achieve only a fraction of this.

Our success in this respect can simply be emulated (but not easily emulated) by your company as this is a case or process and procedure to get these results and you can see more about how you can achieve this with our social marketing programme.

So, whether you need to transform your whole organisation with a company-wide social media strategy and roadmap or whether you want to transform just a single department or function we would love to talk to you.